~ Book Topics ~

Is there a deeper and profound purpose behind the practice of Yoga?

Can the yoga class practice of physical postures be the way to get lasting inner peace? 

What is Yoga about?

Is Yoga only about finding stress relief albeit for a short time, improving flexibility, relieving symptoms of osteoarthritis, diabetes, depression, or a cure for insomnia? 


Spiritual practice(s) that lead us closer to the higher truth, is “Yoga”

Understand and lead a life according to the philosophy of Yoga. 

Patañjali’s Yoga Sutras: This text includes description of Ashtānga Yoga - eight limbs of Yoga, how to practice Kriyā Yoga to get rid of the afflictions and coloring of the mind.

Bhagavad Gitā: Spiritual practices - Yoga for everyday life. Role of intense attachments and aversions in one’s life, practice of Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Rāja Yoga, Jñāna (Gñāna) Yoga and how to apply these teachings in  life. 

What is the importance of Sanskrit language in the practice of Yoga?

There is a deep, rich philosophy behind āsana/prāṇāyāma - physical practice of Yoga and Sanskrit is the language by which that philosophy lives, breathes, and flows. 

Sanskrit is a very precise language.

If pronounced incorrectly, the word has absolutely no meaning or can even have a completely different meaning than the intended one! 

What are the different symbols used in yoga?

What is the significance of different images and beautiful symbols freely and widely used in association with Yoga ? 

Why it is very important to understand profound symbolism?

It will help prevent cultural misappropriation. 

And, understanding symbolism will help one connect with the commonly used symbols in Yoga at a deeper spiritual level. 

Why and how to correctly chant "Mantra"?

What is the meaning of the word "mantra"? 

Why should the mantras be chanted with correct intonation, pitch and correct pronunciation? 

What is "mantra shakti"? and how does one benefit from the energy and vibrations of properly chated mantras?  

What is the "mind"? What is the vision of Vedānta?

This book explains the vision of Vedānta. Step by step teachings of Vedānta helps to understand profound words like "Ishvara, māyā, guṇa (3 qualitites), and to learn about the layers of personality - sharīra trayam (3 bodies) pancha kosha (5 layers/sheaths). 

Proper understanding of these terms as taught by the Rishis in the Vedas,  will facilitate the study of Yogic wisdom.