~ About the Book ~


Why this Book?

Yoga is the science of right living, and is intended to be incorporated in daily life as it works on all aspects of the person – the physical, psychological and spiritual.

This user friendly guidebook helps a person interested in the complete system of Yoga -- the mental and the spiritual aspect, to understand and use the wisdom of Yoga as presented in the traditional teachings.   

Why Master the Mind?

Shrinking attention spans, cognitive deficits and shallow thinking increasingly rule the day. Happiness or misery, success or failure depends upon the mind. As you think, so you become. Mastery of mind means success in all fields of life. 

 We have been given a wonderful instrument “the mind”, but we are deprived of its full benefit. It is very obvious that we need to discipline and train our mind.  


Why Philosophy of Yoga?

  True Yoga is about evolution. It is about gaining maturity. 

   In order to practice and teach Yoga, it is crucial to understand the philosophy of Yoga.

 Without any awareness of the higher goals of Yoga, the physical practice of yoga on its own cannot be called Yoga, and is incomplete. 

Āsana practice can be a gateway to deeper spiritual teachings with a proper background of the Yogic wisdom.  

Systematic study of the philosophy of Yoga alone will help keep the authenticity of the teachings of Yoga in its true essence.  

Yoga philosophy teachings address the mind and its relationship to one’s spiritual growth, an issue that is greatly pertinent in this day and age and of great importance for our future genreations!